AlaskaAlaska Fun and Facts Card Game
AlaskaAlaska is easy to learn, fun to play, entertaining, challenging, exciting, and educational. Players will learn 112 facts about Alaska animals.

Evan and Lois Swensen

AlaskaAlaska is an exciting and educational card game for two or more players, in which the object is to score as little as possible. An alternate version is included in which the object is to score as much as possible. This is accomplished by making pairs, an Alaska, or an AlaskaAlaska, while keeping unpaired card counters as low as possible. A 112-card deck is used, consisting of: four Killer Whale cards, nine each of Halibut cards, King Salmon cards, Ptarmigan, Puffin, Eagle, Stellar Jay, and Raven (bird) cards, and nine each of Bear, Moose, Caribou, Mountain Goat, and Dall Sheep (mammal) cards. You can double the fun, and the challenge, by playing both versions. The number of players may be from two to eight.